1. Due to labor constraints, we are limiting cake orders to our Standard cake designs. You can see examples on our Custom cakes page, Dessert Cakes Page, and Cupcake pages or Ask Us for more details. More photos of our work can be seen on our Instagram page.

    If you find what you would like to order (even with minor changes), please call 817-488-7580 to place orders over the phone or come by during our showroom hours noted below. We must speak to you live to confirm your order details and take payment.

    If you want something more custom, we apologize, but the amount of customization we can provide will be extremely limited. Please call us for more information. We will no longer offer design appointments or super labor intense custom cake designs. You are welcome to text a photo of what you are wanting to 817.488.7500, and we will get back to you to let you know IF WE CAN do it based on the date requested and labor constraints. If we can do it, and you do decide to place the order, please call us back asap. Please forgive the fact that we are busy preparing other orders, and we simply cannot call back all inquiries. Your price quote is not a confirmed order, and we cannot guarantee availability in our production schedule until payment is made.

    Standard Cakes and Cupcakes can be ordered on DoorDash, GrubHub or UberEats Apps.

    Elegant Cakery cakes are also available at Neiman Marcus & Neuhaus Café.

Please note our Showroom hours:


10AM - 4PM


10AM - 3PM





Elegant Cakery products are made with care; with the only the BEST ingredients, as our emphasis is on consistent quality.

Dessert Cakes

Many Dessert cakes are available daily thru Door Dash, GrubHub or UberEats delivery daily.


Many Cupcake varieties are thru Door Dash, GrubHub or UberEats delivery daily.

Custom Cakes

We now offer only Semi-Custom cakes. As for more details.

Wedding Cakes

Sorry, after December 2022, we will no longer offer Wedding cakes.

Party Essentials

Shoe Cake Toppers

High quality shoe cake toppers add a personality to your birthday cake

Porcelain Cake Toppers

We offer a variety of high quality Porcelain cake topper.

Unique Cake Toppers

A Unique cake topper will add a finishing touch to your special occasion cake.

Wedding Cake Toppers

From classic to contemporary, we offer a wide variety of wedding cake toppers.

Wedding Serving Sets

From classic to contemporary, we offer a wide variety of wedding cake toppers.

Wedding Toasting Flutes

We offer a variety of Wedding toasting flutes.